French Maid Cleaning

  Take it from someone who knows. There are good French maid cleaning services out there, and there are some that you simply don’t want in your home. I worked for a maid service while I put myself through college, and I would not have stayed there had they not been honest. It is always tricky when you invited someone in your home, and this is especially true when a cleaning service will have access to all areas of your home, sometimes, while you aren’t there.

When looking for acleaning service, going with a chain might be a good idea. If you want to go with a local cleaning service, look for one that has been in business for a while, and that can give you good references. No matter what cleaning services you choose, remember that bad things can happen no matter who you hire. You should always make sure you take precautions when inviting strangers into your home. How well these cleaning services will clean your home is important, but you have to think about protection as well.

Most french maid cleaning services will take care of you if something were to happen. They have insurance for just this purpose. No matter how well you screen employees, a bad apple can slip through. We once had a girl who stole a credit card and some jewelry from a home. It was only her second week of work, but she was obviously looking for the right time. She happened to be on my crew, and I remember I didn’t find out about it until she was fired and the damage was long done.

We offered weekly and biweekly cleaning services, and this particular home was on a biweekly schedule. They had been using our cleaning services for a long time, and felt comfortable with us, until this lady came along. She was easily caught though, because the stolen credit card was being used in and around her neighborhood. She quit before she was caught, but she was soon in custody for theft. The homeowner was reimbursed for their missing items and money.

When looking for cleaning services, perhaps the best one will be one that has insurance against theft. They should do everything the can to keep dishonest people out of your home, but it isn’t always possible. Don’t get me wrong, almost all of the people who work for cleaning services are honest, but you can never be too careful. Make sure you are covered if something goes wrong.